Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Few Things That Popped Into My Head :D

Hello again. I know it's been a while but I just had this random urge to write again on my blog so here I am.

I'm safely back in America now and school is well under way. I'm a sophomore now, and I've declared my major--international studies, concentrating on the Middle East and with a political/diplomatic focus.

I was cleaning up a part of my room today and I don't remember exactly what sparked this realization, but I just figured out that there a lot of even small and seemingly insignificant things that are different in Turkiye and USA. The biggest thing is obviously the bathroom--squatty vs. sitty--but there are some other differences as well. The size of paper for example--paper in Turkiye is longer than paper in America. Interestingly enough, paper you get in America will fit just fine in folders in Turkiye, but paper from Turkiye will not fit in American folders; there'll be a bit of it hanging out of the folder. I don't know about width, but length is definitely different among these two.

Something else: the date. I've always confused what comes first: the month or day. However you do it in America, it's the opposite in Turkiye.

Sounds of the night--those are also different. Right now, I'm sitting here typing and all I hear from my window are cicadas. Granted, we do live far enough away from the main road to not have too much sound, but it's still different. In Turkiye, you would hear cats and dogs screaming or fighting or whatever cat and dog noises they do. Weirdly enough, I don't remember hearing a dog (a street dog) bark, but the cats were always loud.

Measuring units are obviously different--metric vs the random system used here.

What else is different? I mean there are definitely a lot of other stuff that's totally obviously different, but I just wanted to put out some of the ones that aren't paid attention to all that much.

Oh yeah, here's the best one: the division sign used in long division is different. I've never been able to do long division with the American sign. I've always done it with the Turkish one. I just couldn't comprehend the American one. Still can't. So I go Turkish on that one. Not that I have to do long division too much. I so love my calculator :D

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