Monday, October 27, 2008

Thoughts and Feelings

I've never really known what it means to lose someone. My great-grandmother died when I was 5 years old, but I can't remember anything from that time, even though I do feel sadness at not remembering her and not having seen her before her death.

I lost another family member just recently. I'd never seen him before either, and now I'm never going to have the opportunity to see him ever again. He was young, 6 or 7 years old, and he was the son of my mom's cousin.

Its interesting but its a similar situation with my cousin and my great-grandmother. I've seen pictures and photos of both, and I think I've met them, but I don't have any recollections. They will remain in my heart, and I know they will look down on me and help me whenever I'm in need. I look at the moon and I can see my great-grandmother, and I believe that she will have taken my cousin under her wing to protect him as well.

Here's another thing that I'm pretty set on not doing, ever: drinking. I have no idea if the less-than-human person driving that car around at 8 in the morning who later hit my cousin was drunk or not, but why take that risk? Obviously your mind isn't working right when you're drunk, so maybe you argue yourself into driving around, but you shouldn't. It only causes pain. Maybe you think you're the one person who can make it home without harming anything, but luck only goes so far. This is one of those things where its better to be safe and just not drive. Its not that hard. Especially if you have friends.

I don't know if I still have any readers, but if I do, I'd like to ask you all to pray for this little man that passed away quite recently. I know he's in a better place, even though I wish he hadn't gone up there quite so soon. Or that at least I would've been able to go up there before him to prepare the area for him. Rest in peace, little one. In peace.

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