Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tuesday, June 17, 2008 Selçuk

Today was to be our free day, which we took to mean “squeeze everything you can do in one city into one day” and we did exactly that. We started off with a really nice breakfast at my now favorite hostel, the ANZ Guest House. After breakfast, we went to Ephesus and walked around there. William did an awesome performance of Shakespeare in the theater for us to test out the acoustics and it was pretty amazing. If you talk just a bit louder than how you normally would, it’s still possible for me (sitting way at the top as far up as I could go) to hear you (standing and talking way at the bottom in the pit).

After Ephesus, we went to the Virgin Mary’s house and visited and walked around there. It was a nice quaint little place; up in the mountains, surrounded by trees. I don’t really know if this is the way it was back in her time of course, but if it is, than I think it would have been a nice, peaceful place. There was a wall where they had fountains to take water from because there’s a little river nearby so we did that, and there’s also a wall just full of the prayers and wishes of the people who’ve visited. We did that too.

Virgin Mary’s house having been visited, we went back to near our hostel and checked out the Ephesus Museum really close to it. They had some cool pieces there of some of the stuff they’d excavated from Ephesus and whatnot, plus there was a really interesting exhibition about the wounds that gladiators received. Disgusting, kind of, but still really cool because they had the bones and pictures of where the bone would be if it was in the body, plus they had the weapons that had injured the bone next to it. So you could pretty much put yourself in Russell Crowe’s place and imagine those wounds and hits happening.

We walked around the museum for a while and then Emily’s family friend came and took us to a really nice place for lunch. We had a good, really filling lunch at the semi-golf club-like place of the friend of our hostess. There was good conversation, and our hostess asked about our final projects and whatnot and even answered a couple questions for some of us. Really nice lady.

After lunch, we just had to cool off even more, so we decided to go to BEACH!! Thus we went to the beach near Selcuk and had a nice time. Clayton gave Amanda a black eye (funny), Clayton lost his prescription sunglasses (not funny but we laughed and for some unfathomable reason helped him search for them anyways ((unfathomable because we’re in the SEA. With WAVES.)) ), we called for whales (watch Finding Nemo if you haven’t, Dory was imitated), got thistles all up in our feet (NOT fun), tried to do water fighting of a kind where the guys got on the shoulders of the girls but that just ended up being which girl could hold up which guy the longest…or if she could even get him up there (fun, again).

And then it was off to Sirince village for us where we had really good dinner. Before dinner, we walked around the village a lot and took loads of pictures. It’s a really nice and picturesque village. Peaceful too, and we went there right around sunset time so we got to see this really nice orange-yellow big sun setting between the mountains with the sky colored all rainbow-y and pretty.

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