Monday, May 12, 2008

First Post---still in America

Welcome and hello.
This'll be my first post on my blog--I'm still in America right now; my plane is tomorrow afternoon. I'll be flying from RDU to Boston, to London/Heathrow, and then finally arrive in that most beautiful of cities, Istanbul. (take off from America May 13, but because we're going over a whole ocean and time difference, I'll get there May 14.)

I am excited. The Turkish word for it probably gives a better sense, so I'll put heyecanli instead. Its not just that this is going to be the longest trip to Turkiye I've ever taken, or the fact that its comprised both of a study abroad program and then a month-long, much-needed vacation, but the fact that I'm going alone. I have never gone to Turkiye on my own before. I've come back to America alone, but I've never gone alone. Nor have I ever stayed at my grandparents' house by myself without my mom or dad near me. It will be a completely unique experience. Some might say, "Duh" to that, and I would agree, so let me rephrase and say this: this will be an unprecedented experience.

I'm packed. I have my ticket. I have two hand luggage and two normal biiiig luggage that will hopefully (inshaallah) arrive in Turkiye at the same time as me. My trusty computer and awesome camera are coming with me. All that's left is getting through security and then boarding the plane. Oh, another reason why this flight is unprecedented: it's my first flight ever on British Airways. That's right. I'm flying with British Airways. Not Turkish Airlines. We'll see how that goes.

May all those who are traveling arrive where they're going safely. May all those remaining stay safe and be well. And may all those reading this who are grammar and spelling and vocabulary people forgive me my errors. Good night to everyone!!


BusinessEthicsResources said...

Yekta'cigim, Hayirli olsun.

Canguzel said...

Canim bebegim, yolun acik olsun, kolay gelsin, insaallah cok yorulmadan rahat rahat varirsin memlekete.
Seni cok seviyorum.
Nice nice hatira kayitlarini okumak dilegiyle, :)