Friday, May 16, 2008

The Flights, the waits, the calls, and finally, the one and only: arrival

So to save money, I flew from RDU to Boston. The flight was fine and we definitely had one of the smoothest landings I remember ever being in. The airport at Boston, however, was a very interesting experience. I have experience with JFK and New York, but Boston I don't remember ever going to, or going through, so that was totally new. But, I figured out where I had to go and how I had to go (terminal E for which I took bus 66. 11 would also have worked)

The flight from Boston to London was okay too. I was at one of those seats that begin the rows of seats, so I had space to stretch out my legs which was great and the people next to me where pretty cool as well. A tiny incident happened when the hostess noticed that I hadn't placed my backpack in one of the bin things so I had to haul butt and get that up in one of the bins. I'd been covering my legs with a blanket and everything so...well anyways. I've gotten where I intended to go safe and sound.

When I got to London, I got on one of the buses that would take me to Terminal 5. And yeah. They do drive on the opposite side of the road. And I wasn't really paying attention to it until I noticed that we were going in the lane of the car that was coming at us from the right...and then I remembered: "Waaaiiit a minute...I'm in England nooww!!!" and everything was fine.

They have a Starbucks in the middle of Terminal 5. Its everywhere. I don't really know what spreads faster, Starbucks or mosquitoes. Well, I got to London, and then to Terminal 5, and I went and ate breakfast because I was hungry. Why else would one eat breakfast? I mean you never know :D I had three pancakes--one with blueberries, one with bananas, and one with Canadian maple sauce. Goood, filling stuff. And I drank tea obviously. After that wonderful breakfast, I went and walked around the terminal for a while to occupy myself. When it got near the time for my flight I went and bought a Starbucks latte and a scone so that I wouldn't fall asleep. Nice flight and afterwards I was finally in ISTANBUL!!!


Canguzel said...

cananim, cok sirin yazmissin, sanki seninle butun bunlari yasamis gibi hissettim okurken.
lutfen daha cok yaz, daha cok, cok.
o zaman seninle gibi olmak imkani elde ediyorum.
tatli yanaklarindan mcuk mcuk operek.

Canguzel said...

Bu arada "calls" sozu baslikta var ama metnin kendisinde henuz yok, mudahale imkanin var ise onunla ilgili giris yap, degilse bir sonrakinde bahsedersin, no problem.
Artik gezip gorduklerini ve ogrendiklerini de okumak dilegiyle hasretle sarilip operim.
Yine ben!